Paris – The city of light (10+1 things to do)

Classic, cool, romantic or all three, Paris has many faces!

Whether you’re there for a week or a weekend, choosing how to spend time in the City of Light Paris can seem overwhelming. The best way to explore the city is by ckecking out its areas first in order to pin the attractions you want to visit and then creating your route!

Here are the top 10+1 attractions of my choice.

Book your tickets and enjoy!

  1. Get lost in the Louvre

  2. Scale the Eiffel Tower

  3. Be impressed by the Musée d’Orsay

  4. Climb the Arc de Triomphe

  5. Take a trip to the Château de Versailles

  6. Explore the Jardin du Luxembourg

  7. Browse the shelves of Shakespeare & Company

  8. Go crazy at the Centre Pompidou

  9. Visit Monmartre – the most romantic pin

  10. Meet Quasimodo at Notre Dame church

  11. Grab a seat at Jardin des Tuileries

Further tips:

Try on vintage couture (excellent prices!) – Afternoon tea at a Bistrot – Invest in good wine taste – Satisfy your senses by eating chocolate or a classic millefeuille – Get messy with a fallafel – Cycle the city – Listen to jazz music – Go on a walk along the Seine


5 thoughts on “Paris – The city of light (10+1 things to do)

      1. Thanks! I’ll take a look into it. I was in Paris a few years ago, and I wish I’d read your post before then. Thanks for the detailed info, I’ll be sure to check out your link.

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