Leros island – Dodecanese

The island of Leros is located in the northern Dodecanese a few miles south of Patmos. It is also close to Kalymnos island.Leros, is an island of history that has the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean and a place of natural beauty, ideal for holidays.

Leros island - Dodecanese
Leros island – Dodecanese

History – A small tour

The first traces of inhabitation on the island were found in Partheni and Gourna and belong to the Neolithic Age (4th millennium BC). Thucydides emphasized the importance of the bays and harbors of Leros during the Peloponnesian War (431 – 404 BC), in which Leros supported the Athenians. On the island is also the famous sanctuary of the Goddess Artemis.

In the center of the island there are two powerful poles that gather the whole social life: the settlement of Agia Marina and Lakki, connected by the main road of the island.

Leros has small hills, the largest natural harbor in the eastern Mediterranean. There, in 1932 the Italians created their main naval station in the Dodecanese.The highest altitude of the island is at Klidi (300 meters). Other mountains in Leros are Skoumbardas and Diapori.

Local products

Leros thrives vines, figs, Gavafas (found only in Leros), vegetables etc.. Many streets are covered with eucalyptus and pine trees.

Beaches – Things to do

Organized beaches can be found in Alinda, Panteli, Vromolithos, Gourna, Xerokampos, Blefouti and Two Lissaria. Most have sand or pebbles. And for all those who wish to explore, you can discover with a private boat, countless others that are accessible only by sea. In addition, the blue waters of the Alinda Bay are ideal for all types of water sports. In Leros you will also find museums and libraries.

 For all those who love fishing and diving, Leros is the right island. The beaches of Leros, apart from swimming, are also offered for water sports: skiing, windsurfing, diving, and even jet skiing.


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